Hitting Those Balls

Something I have been wanting to do for awhile is check out the driving range at Chelsea Piers. Confession. I don’t golf (unless you want to count mini golf). I don’t aspire to golf. And, if we’re being completely honest, I fell asleep watching the Masters this year. So why head to the driving range? I’m not sure. Something about hitting a bucket of balls out on the Hudson river just seemed like an alluring idea to try out. So that is just what we did! 

We headed to Chelsea Piers and bought a $25 card for balls, rented a $4 driver and waited for our ticket to be called. We got at the driving range at a great time because they were just about to go to their “off peak” hours, which means the balls were less expensive. When our number was called I was ready to go! Up to the third floor we went. 

When I got up into our post I tried recalling my memory for advice my Aunt Di and Uncle Del gave me the last time I was at the driving range. Feet shoulder width apart, a straight back, and hand over hand? Hopefully my memory didn’t fail me too bad since that was probably at least 10 years ago. What I really remember was that it was an uncomfortable position, and I nailed the uncomfortable part again so that has to count for something right?

Regardless of our poor form, we still had a great time and I only missed the ball a couple of times. I did accidentally hit the poor golf cart driving around collecting the balls though. Oops. Luckily those carts are pretty geared up to deflect the balls so hopefully I wasn’t the first person to do that of the day. I just said I was going to try my best to hit the balls, that aiming thing is a whole other issue!

It was so much fun though! It was pretty cool too because you didn’t actually get a bucket of balls to hit. Instead the tee and ball automatically came up from your post each time after you hit a ball. It was like a whack a mole machine kind of. Hit a ball, another tee and ball came up, hit, ball. It was such a cool view too because the range is floating over the river and you can see New Jersey on the other side. The sun was also starting to set while we were hitting, which made for a pretty beautiful evening. I definitely won’t be going pro anytime soon, but I’m glad we checked it out!