Friday Favs :: 5.29.15

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Friday Favs 5.29.15

It's Fri-yay! And my first Friday Favs with the new design :) Here we go!

  1. Anthropology hits the Upper East Side in Wednesday Martin's upcoming book Primates of Park Avenue. This book has been making waves through the media this week for it's smart look into the real lives of some of the Upper East Side's most elite women. I've never pre-ordered a book before but after hearing about this one on the radio with talk of 'housewife bonuses' and blow-outs just to drop the kids off at school, I have to say I'm curious.
  2.  Belmont Stakes is only a week away! I go every year but had to think long and hard if I wanted to go this year after last year's epic transportation issues on the way home. Alas, I'm sucking it up and praying that this year I won't have a 3 year commute back to the city... Anyways, Belmont is doing things a little differently this year to try and avoid a repeat and now you have to buy tickets ahead of time. They're capping attendance for the first time as well as including concerts post event to try and stagger when attendees leave. So if you want to go make sure to buy tickets ahead of time because they're planning that they will sell out before race day.
  3. $30 for a hot dog? Forget about it! Hotdog vendors have been in the news lately because a vendor was caught charging $30 for hot dogs, yep you heard that right. Have no fear though the city is cracking down on sketchy food-carts so that you can enjoy your dirty dogs on a friendlier budget.
  4. What really makes New York bagels, the 'best'? This video finally helps us get to the bottom of it, science and all. 
  5. Manhattanhedge is backkkk. The event that happens twice a year is hitting the city for it's Spring appearance TONIGHT! So if you're looking for some perfectly aligned sunset photos, tonight is the night.