Friday Favs :: 12.13.14

  1. The week started off with a royal start! The royal couple paid a visit to NYC early this week for a variety of charitable appearances, galas, and even some NYC sports action. They even stayed up in my neck of the woods, Upper East Side, holler!  
  2. Have you heard about the Nutellasagna? Brooklyn’s Robicelli’s Bakery is behind this masterpiece including cannoli custard, nutella, hazelnuts, and chocolate all wedged between lasagna noodles topped with marshmallows. It’s dessert insanity at its best and it’s coming to Manhattan for free on Monday. Save yourself a trip out to Brooklyn and get all of it’s deliciousness in Manhattan.
  3. Day trips might not be the first thing that comes to mind in the winter in NYC, but just because its cold doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to get your adventure on! Glenwood NYC came up with a really great list of ideas for day trips that get you out of the city and enjoying that white fluffy winter stuff ;-)
  4. Move over Brooklyn, Queens is moving on up into the trendiest borough in the city! That is according to Lonely Planet’s 2015 Best in the U.S. list anyways! 
  5. Calling all mustard fans! The french mustard brand Maille has officially opened its first U.S. location on the UWS complete with a “Mustard Sommelier”. This isn’t your normal condiment aisle you’ll find at the grocery store, that’s for sure!