Friday Favs :: 10.24.14

It’s time for this week’s Friday Favs!

  1. The 24th annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade is taking place in the East Village this weekend. I mean it’s a dog parade, do I really need to say more?! AWESOME! These pup parents mean business too with their costumes. Not your typical Petco finds! 
  2. My friend Megan, and fellow New Yorker writes the must-read blog Megan at Home. Love cooking? Her blog is totally your jam and having tried a couple of her recipes you will not be disappointed! 
  3. This post from New York Natives, "8 Mysteries All New Yorkers Have Faced at Some Point" seriously cracked me up.. The one about how do psychics stay in business. Seriously how do they? There are so many!
  4. Welcome to the UES Eastside Cantina! The tequila and tapas bar is hosting its official launch party tonight at 9pm with drink specials and samba music!
  5. Tracy’s New York Life posted a really great (and funny) look at 10 classic stereotypes people in the city fall into.