Exploring Astoria, Queens

One neighborhood I spent a decent amount of time exploring this summer was Astoria, Queens. I work and live in Manhattan, as do most of my friends so until this point I hadn’t really ventured out much besides the trip to Brooklyn every now and then. 

Astoria is located just a few subway stops outside of Manhattan, across the East River. 

I’m so happy I decided to venture out because I absolutely LOVE the neighborhood! It’s still close to Manhattan, but just far enough out that there seems to be more fresh air and space to take in. 

Another perk? The apartments tend to be less expensive and more spacious and it’s a safe area. I would definitely suggest the area to anyone looking for a less expensive neighborhood to Manhattan that still has many of the amenities that people look forward to in the city. They also have a few different beer gardens in the area that are awesome!

Such a great neighborhood really! Before I found my apartment on the UES I was really considering moving to the neighborhood. So I would definitely highly recommend checking it out or at least stopping by for a visit!