Ellie Goulding Concert at Terminal 5

Want to go to the Ellie Goulding Concert? Who is that? I scored two free tickets? When and where I’m there! 

That’s how Friday evening started out. My friend Donna g-chatted me at work asking me to go to the Ellie Goulding concert with her. My music selection is pretty versatile and I’m horrible at remembered artist names. Like awful. I can literally listen to a whole album of someone’s online and then when asked about if I like their music totally blank on who they are. It’s not that I don’t appreciate their talent. It’s just that I really just care about what is pleasing to my ears and well, names fall below the actual music. Anyways, I was stumped by Ellie Goulding. After looking her up on Facebook and seeing she had over a million Facebook fans I realized this is definitely someone I should check out. Besides, I rarely turn down free events! 

So Donna and I headed downtown to the venue called Terminal 5. We got caught in a downpour on our way down, but made it in only semi-drenched.

The venue was pretty cool! It was 3 stories, the bottom being standing room in front of the stage and then 2 balconies with bar stools, couches, and chairs upstairs. Donna and I ended up going to the third floor because we got a pretty great spot near the stage. Plus we didn’t feel like fighting the crowd down below. 

Being at a concert that I didn’t really know the artist I didn’t really know what to expect. The opening band was two Australian DJs called Bag Raiders. At first Donna and I both laughed at the name, but they ended up being really awesome! They sang and played the drums, cowbell, and keyboard while spinning too. It was definitely unlike anything I’d seen before. They played for near an hour before Ellie headed out on the stage. It turns out she’s actually pretty big in Europe. She was fantastic though! Kind of a mix of a little rock edge to more low-key music. Sara Haze meets Imogen Heap meets Paramore? That is kind of how I would describe it. 

It was such a great time. We ended up meeting one of the guys from Bag Raiders on our way out of the concert too, which I might add we were the absolute last people to leave. Lesson to learn? Always accept free concert tickets! You never know when you’ll find one of your new favorite artists!