Ellie Goulding x 2

I kicked off my first concert of 2013 with Ellie Goulding! Two years ago, my friend got free tickets to her show in New York and even though I had never heard of her I decided to join for the ride. Besides, it’s hard to turn down free concert tickets when your schedule is free for the night, right? Now, two years later after having a Billboard top album and singing at the royal wedding, I’d say her audience has grown. Just a tad ;-)

As soon as my friends and I saw the tour date, we jumped on buying tickets! The concert was at Terminal 5, a venue I’m becoming very familiar with after 3 concerts! At the last Ellie concert, we found a great spot against the railing on the third floor and were determined to get it again this time.  

Success! We got our spot and had a great time! And even with all of Ellie’s success in the last two years, she was just as humble and sweet to everyone as she was the last time.