Creative Hub Conference

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Creative Hub Conference

If there's one thing I've learned since taking the entrepreneur jump, it's that you never stop learning! Since I didn't come from an entrepreneurial or business background when I was first starting out I read, read some more, listened to podcasts in-between reading, and watched just about every Facebook Live session and webinar I could find. Nearly 2 years later, not all that much has changed except I'm also one of the people giving advice <-- woh, that feels cool to say! The truth is, we all have different paths to success and there is no better way to find our own paths than from learning from each other.

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Creative Hub Conference

So when I connected with the host of Creative Hub Conference, an online conference for creative entrepreneurs, I knew I definitely had to check it out! For one thing, the speakers they pulled together are bomb digs! They really brought some amazing women from different industries together including Lara Casey, Casey Wiegand, and Megan from Scarlet & Gold.

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Creative Hub Conference

Not only are the speakers great, but they're nailing some topics that I know will be super helpful to my fellow goal chases including:

  • Leveraging Instagram for your business
  • How to grow a business organically and how to do it effectivity
  • Book yourself solid without icky sales
  • First things first: growing a profitable business while not losing sight of your priorities
  • Blogging and social media with purpose
  • Plus many, many more

Plus, the conference is online and pre-recorded which means you can watch all 15 hours at your leisure aka curled up on the couch in your Pjs -- the best way to get your learning on right?!

Whether you're dreaming of starting a biz, working on your side hustle, or a seasoned entrepreneur I def think this conference is for you which is why I had to share! Sharing is caring 💗Plus, right now they're offering an early bird special for only $49 for access to the entire thing, which is a STEAL! If you'd like to learn more definitely check out the link below and then we can chat about our favorite tips!