Burgers = True Love

It’s Valentine’s Day! The day that people either love, or love to hate. Whether or not you think it’s just a Hallmark holiday, one thing is true. The goal of the day is all about celebrating love. The people you love, the things you love to do, and (in this case) the things you love to eat! 

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate some flowers and chocolates, but nothing quite says love to me like a nice juicy burger. Which is why, for the last 4 Valentine’s Days, Chris and I have celebrated our love with burgers. BONUS! Most people aren’t getting burgers on V-Day in NYC (I guess they don’t share our love), so reservations aren’t such a big issue. 

So if you’re looking to jump on the burger love boat, here’s three places you definitely need to add to your list!

5 Napkin Burger:

You don’t see a lot of so called “chain” restaurants in the city, but with  5 Napkin Burger's 5 current locations you can actually hit up this joint in Boston, Miami, and NYC.  

I keep coming back to this place because their Original 5 Napkin Burger has this rosemary aioli that I just can’t get enough of. 10 ounces of juicy beef with caramelized onions and gruyere cheese makes this one a classic for the taste buds. If you dig hand-cut fries, their’s are a classic, well-done side dish. I also love their cheddar tots, because cheese and potatoes can never really be a bad thing.

Burger Bistro:

Next up, is Burger Bistro. This joint is exclusive to NYC, but there are 4 locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens for you outer borough burger lovers! Burger Bistro is awesome because you get to make your burger exactly how you want it. If you check out my header image, it’s a picture of their menu that you get to draw on and check off the ingredients to your liking. 

Now V-Day isn’t on a Tuesday this year, but it’s worth noting that they have this awesome special, Free-topping Tuesdays, where you get up to 4 toppings free. Which is usually when I’ll order a few extra toppings, just because. Two reasons why I really love Burger Bistro. 1.) the toppings are a little different than some of the other places we go to. Mozzarella sticks?! Oh yeah! They also have the option for buffalo shrimp, canadian bacon and pickled jalapenos. A little something different! 2.) And two, they have some bomb side dishes. Featured here is their buffalo tots. If you’re a wing lover, these are totally in your wheelhouse. They also have these deep-fried corn on the cob with this fantastic sauce that is just a tasty way to start out your meal. 

Something about the way they season their meat is just really great too. Very well done guys!

Minetta Tavern:

If you’re a true burgerhead you’ve definitely heard of Minetta Tavern. Not only is it a classic tavern in the West Village, but they’re famously known for their Black Label Burger. Google it, you’ll find a write-up, or two, or a hundred ;-)

I was first introduced to this baby because Chris lost our annual March Madness bracket competition and this was my prize. It should also be noted that this lovely, perfectly-crafted burger will set you back a nice $28. See, it’s not just any ordinary burger. The Black Label is made from dry-aged beef cuts in perfect ratios and is cooked with clarified butter drizzled on top. The only thing that actually comes on the burger is caramelized onions and if you try and order cheese, they’ll ask you not to. While incredibly simple in its nature, the masters behind this burger have really developed time into crafting the perfect tasting burger. 

So is it worth the high price? Yes! I should note that the price does include fries too, which isn’t actually the norm in the city so the price ends up not being as bad. This is a burger you really want to taste the meat though. The way it is cooked creates a perfectly crispy crust on the outside of the butter and even I, the ketchup queen, resisted putting much on it. The meat just tastes that good. It’s not a huge burger, and it’s not anything crazy unusual, but it is a classic burger done so right. 

I would suggest getting a reservation here though, because this place does tend to attract a lot of people. 

And there you have it. 3 more beautiful burgers to add to your food bucket-list!