Bright, Patterned with a Dose of Happy

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Apartment Tour NYC Upper East Side

I’m a big fan of color and pattern, I’m sure you’re not too surprised to hear that though ;-). Stores like C. Wonder, Jonathan Adler and Lilly Pulitzer are my go-to’s for color inspiration — even if I generally don’t actually buy anything there unless it’s seriously on sale! I’m a window shopper ;-)

Here’s a look at some of the newer additions to my little happy space!

After I put up my faux chandelier, I remember thinking to myself.. well, I’ve officially done everything decor-wise I wanted to do with my apt, now what?! I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself with that statement because little did I know a month later I’d find out I actually have to move this summer.

Why yes, yes that is Grumpy Cat! Thanks for that one Little Duck! :)

In my living room I added some new faux fur throws from Ikea. At $9.99 they’re a steal and bring a fun element to the room. 2 more additions include my faux deer head and my bar cart!  

I know you probably already read my bar cart post, but it’s worth mentioning again how much I love it! My bar cart, faux deer head and faux chandelier are definitely some of my favorite things! 

I’m still bummed I have to move again soon and say goodbye to my little happy place, but I’m going to enjoy my last 3 months and try and look forward to trying some new things at my new place. Time to work on a new Pinterest board ;-)