Bar Cart Loving

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design : How to Style Your Bar Cart

My bar cart dreams have come true! I’ve been wanting one for a long time, but do a search for bar carts and the prices can easily scare you away! That is until I found out about this little pretty baby from Target! Thank goodness for Target taking trendy pieces and making them affordable. I got even more lucky too because Chris actually gave it to me as a gift! Double score!

I was kind of picky in the kind of bar cart I wanted because I really loved the vintage look compared to more modern looking ones. This one was perfect because it has a brass look and is the perfect size. Not only because I literally had just the right amount of space in my living room, but also because it’s big enough to hold a decent amount of stuff, but not too bulky that it takes up the whole room, which is essential in a NYC apartment!

Aside from the actual bar cart itself though, we all know the real gem of a cart is the styling! This gift wasn’t exactly a surprise, so I started stowing away some finds before its arrival. My friends thought the idea of the cart was a little comical since I’m not much of a drinker, but come on guys, it’s a statement piece! Definitely one of my favorites in the apartment now too!

I was totally that girl who walked into the wine store on a mission. Not a mission to find the best wine, but instead the cutest bottles. I got a few weird looks walking around the store, but I put that past me once I hit the Moscato section! If you’re going for the cute factor, I definitely suggest checking out this section! Two cute wine bottles and a mini champagne for $28 and I was on my way — below budget even!

Of course, the alcohol isn’t the only thing that goes on the cart so here is a complete rundown of what’s on mine! In case you want to get the look for yourself ;-)

  • Cake stand :: TJ Maxx — maybe not totally traditional, but I wanted some height and this piece does the job. You never know when my bar cart might turn into a dessert cart too ;-)
  • Gold tray :: TJ Maxx — I got a classic square gold tray for dirt cheap and lined it with a bright wrapping paper for some extra color
  • Gold glasses :: TJ Maxx (Clearly I like TJ’s!) — I’m obsessed with these. I actually found them around Christmas time and couldn’t snag them fast enough.
  • Paper coasters :: Home Goods — These were another Christmas find. I snagged a couple sets as gifts and then ended up having to go back and search if I could find some for myself because I loved them so much.
  • Paper straws :: Michaels — This is just an essential for a bar cart… I’m not sure I actually like drinking out of them, but they’re cute and fabulous
  • Martini shaker :: gift — My mom got me this and it goes with my little theme just perfectly! No bar cart is complete without a shaker!
  • Hedgehog planter :: West Elm — This was actually a gift too, but I’ve been obsessing over wanting this little guy for awhile and thought he looked nice there.
  • Bar cart print :: Etsy — This print is from this great Etsy shop! All I had to do was pop it in a cute frame and it became a great focal point.
  • Weiner dog salt shakers :: gift — This was another gift (thanks for all the great gifts guys!) I know they actually have a real function, but I just thought they were too cute to not be on display!
  • Gold candles :: Target — These were a great find! The bottom is dipped in gold just like my gold glasses!
  • Gold banner :: Michaels — This was a little DIY. I really like the banner look, but wanted a gold one so I got a little creative with gold tinsel, hot glue, gold ribbon, and washi tape. This took me more time than I thought it would to make, but the end result was worth it!
  • Decanter and wine glasses :: Chris’ family — An essential part of the function to the cart! When you have wine, you need some glasses and a decanter!

And that’s it! I had so much fun putting together things for my cart and can’t wait to see how I’ll use it in the future!