Bagels.. check.. Donuts??

We all know (or have at least probably heard) that if there is one thing New York does right it is bagels. Some people say it is because of the water here, which I don’t think it all that great, but regardless of why New York bagels are so good, the fact holds true. Where do donut kind of people get their fixes though? I tried Dunkin Donuts for the first time last weekend and the frozen hot chocolate was delicious, but the donuts.. weren’t. After working at Safeway for 5 years and then living in Portland with Voodoo I know a good donut when I taste it.

That was the goal of today’s mission. Find a delicious donut in this city! Not just a, “ehh it was okay” but a “dang that was GOOD!” There has to be somewhere in this city right? That was what I was hoping anyways. After doing a little research online I had found the place (with Chris’ help) that might be a winner called Doughnut Plant in Chelsea, and so we were off!

After walking in I was already impressed. They had donut shaped pillows on the wall, a great selection of donuts lined up in the window and a great line up of tvs displaying their donuts. 

All of the names of the donuts sounded delicious, carrot cake donut, peanut butter glazed jelly filled, and oatmeal cake donuts. What’s in a name though? The true test is how they taste! So did they pass the taste test?

I can happily answer yes! I tried the carrot cake donut first and I’m happy to say I was impressed. Chris and I split a fresh blueberry donut after and that one was great as well. I also ordered a strawberry lemonade to drink down and it was a great decision I must say. One of the best I’ve had in a long time.

Mission donut was a success, thankfully! Can’t wait to enjoy the rest of them this evening, and possibly tomorrow morning :)