A Walk in the Park

One of my favorite places in the fall is Central Park. I can actually say that about most seasons. The calm, serenity in the park is a short walk away to escape the city bustle. Add in fall colors and mild temperatures and you can start to understand why fall is one of the best times to be in the park.

One thing I love about Central Park is there is not one way to walk through. With varied and winding paths, your path is undefined, which lends some mystery. I try and take a different path each time I walk through so that I can explore another piece of the city time and time again. 

This trip, we decided to cross paths with the Belvedere Castle. If you’ve seen the new Smurfs movie, you might know the castle because it is Gargamel’s hideout. The castle in the park dates back to 1865, when it was build for no actual purpose other than a viewpoint and stunning backdrop. In 1919 the National Weather Service decided the castle was a perfect location for weather research and data collection, and it is still used for this purpose today.

Enjoy some photos, because now that the leaves are on the ground snow is just around the corner.