Apples, Apples, and More Apples

We took a trip east to Long Island to celebrate all things apples! 

We started the weekend out at the Sayville Apple Festival! Once a year, the city of Sayville has a little festival, kind of like a mini little fair. 

Country music, fresh apple puffs, and some fresh air was just the way to start out the weekend!

Little Scootie was the star of the show too! I’ve never really taken him to anything like this so I was a little worried how he would do, but he was such a good little boy! Everyone LOVED him too! I guess weenie dogs aren’t as popular in the suburbs, because people acted like they don’t see them very often. He had herds of kids running up to him and one little girl even gave him a hug. It was pretty adorable.

This was also at the Apple festival. If I was about 20 years younger, you can bet I would have been bouncing around in that! Coolest. Bouncy. Castle. Ever!

After the apple festival we spent the evening with Chris’ family where Scootie got lots more love and more table scraps than he probably should have.

We continued our apple weekend at Harbes Family Farm for some apple picking! I’ve been wanting to do this foreverrrr so I’m so excited we finally went!

We had so much fun! We got lots of yummy apples, took a ride on the tractor train, and finished our trip at the farm with some delicious fresh apple cider donuts. YUM!

Such a fun trip out of the city! Our apple adventure wasn’t quite done after leaving Long Island though… I had to make use of all of our apples!

Apple pie and apple sauce, for the win! I’d never made apple pie before, but it ended up not being too bad. After the whole peeling process that is! Plus, I didn’t exactly go the homemade route on everything. I picked up the premade dough and used the recipe on their website. Completely homemade or not, it turned out pretty darn good I think!

Paired with some yummy vanilla ice cream, and you have the perfect end to our apple adventure!