Any Pregnant in Heels Fans?

Do any of you watch the show Pregnant in Heels on Bravo? If you haven’t watched the show, Rosie Pope owns a maternity shop and a maternity concierge service on the Upper East Side. The show follows her around to her different New York clients, who let’s just say, need a lot of work. A lot of her clients are people I consider the “nanny clan”. Parents who are essentially more of an incubator than actual parents, because post birth their children will spend more time with their often live-in nannies than them. You see a lot of these “nanny clan” children on the buses during the morning commute. Whether you want your own children or not, Pregnant in Heels will generally leave your entertained or in pure astonishment of how her clients behave. Bonus, if you want to visit her shop, you can find it on E. 93rd street and Madison Avenue!