America, Land That we Love

4th of July was a little strange this year since it fell on a Wednesday. I ended up having a half day on Tuesday and Wednesday off, but it seemed to be a different story for each of my friends! One thing was certain though, everyone had Wednesday off! Even though it was a little different having the holiday in the middle of the week, it was a nice little break in the week.

I kicked off the holiday with a little prep with a patriotic nail polish job. I didn’t have any white polish so the red and blue with sparkles had to suffice.

Once my nails were finished, I was onto my next project (with a little help from Chris)

Also, a little inspiration from Pinterest! We made white chocolate dipped strawberries with silver sparkles and then a little blue icing! They didn’t end up as pretty as the ones on Pinterest, but boy were they delicious!

Once the prep work was done we headed to celebrate the holiday at our friends’ apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a lot of fun because their apartment leads out to the roof of the building, so we basically had our own private roof to hang out and BBQ on all day. The boys definitely showed off their mean BBQ skills too! 

One thing I’ve really missed out on since living in the city is sunsets! It might sound silly, but being on the east side, I never really catch them because it sets on the west side and the buildings block out most of it. So I was very excited when the sky started to turn pink before the sun went down in Brooklyn! It really was beautiful.

When the sun went down, we were ready to catch some fireworks! The apartment we were at wasn’t very close to the water so we ended up not being able to see the Macy’s fireworks in person, but that’s okay because we still had a great view of others! Plus, the neighbors brought out their projector and projected live coverage of the show on the next-store building so we kind of saw them. 4th of July city style - hanging out on roofs with friends and watching fireworks from a projector screened onto a building!