4 Months of Living Solo

It’s official, I’ve been living at my own apartment for over 4 months! That’s 1/3 of a year.. Say what? That went by fast. While I’ve loved all of the people I was lucky enough to call my roomies, it is nice to be on my own now. I’ve always been an independent person and living alone has been a goal of mine since living in Portland (throwback 2009). I had to take a back-step when I decided to move to New York, but I’m really happy and proud of myself for finally making it a reality. 

So what are my favorite things about living alone?

1.) Decor options! I can do whatever I want, whenever I want without offending anyone else’s taste. Not everyone loves my bright, patterned and glittered decor, but I sure do! 

2.) Buying less of everything! I bought a 4 pack of toilet paper and it lasted two months. I’m also still working on the 1/2 bottle of dish soap I moved with. This would never happen in any of my past apartments.

3.) My apartment — my rules. If I want to veg out and watch a whole day’s worth of House Hunters, in my pjs, no one is going to look at me twice. Not that this was ever a big issue with any of my past roomies, but it’s nice to be able to be a bum all by myself. 

4.) If I want to run around the apartment and have a dance party to Taylor Swift songs — I can.

5.) Can you say — the whole fridge, every cabinet and drawer are all mineeee {insert evil laugh}. No need to label anything or forget whose apples are on the bottom shelf or worrying about where I’m going to store those winter coats in the summer!

All and all, Scoots and I are pretty happy campers in our own place!