You Know You're an Adult When...

You know you’re now an adult when getting a new faucet gets you really excited! Since we moved in, in September, our kitchen sink has leaked. No matter how many times we requested it be fixed, it was never really fixed. Drip, drip, drip. Our water is included in our rent, but I don’t want to know how much water was wasted from that little faucet! Especially today as it is Earth Day. 

It’s all good news though because we indeed have a new faucet now! WOH HOH! This leads me to something else different about New York than previous places I’ve lived. Most of the buildings in my neighborhood are all either pre or post war. Meaning they were build either pre- before WWII or post- after WWII. Either one, most of these being build not much later that the 1950’s and into the 60’s. They also maintain different structural and design attributes, but the point being they are all pretty old buildings. That being said there is likely to be more up-keep. The only issue with that is, getting something fixed here is like pulling teeth!

Our management company has been alright with meeting our requests that they think are important, but for the ones that aren’t priorities to them you can bet we will never have fixed while living here. So even though you may be paying an arm and a leg to live in the city, there is someone just down the block that is paying double or even triple your rent. I have a feeling they probably get their requests fixed a tad bit faster!

Nonetheless, 8 months later we have a sink that doesn’t leak!

Anna OsgoodbyComment