Winter May Not Be Here Yet...

Winter may be a couple of months away, but I am already dreading the arctic tundra that becomes New York. After last winter I said I didn’t know if I could do another winter here.. but here I am going in for year two. I decided to get ready early this year and get out there coat shopping early before the rest of New York realizes winter is closing in. Of course, I wasn’t just looking for any coat.. I wanted a top of the line, survive in Antartica coat, but at a I can still pay my rent price. Luckily, the city does have some great discount stores for the same department store product. On my mission I hunted high and low from Burlington Coat Factory, to Century 21. I even found my inner 70’s child along the journey.

Nothing seemed to fit all marks of just what I was looking for.. There was always something missing.. or they didn’t have the right size… and since it is only September I figured I still have a little time to be picky. Then I headed off to Nordstrom Rack where I started to find more of what I was looking for.. puffy coat, with a hood, black, and under $100.

While this coat shined through my inner gangster, there was still a little something missing. Don’t worry though.. because the next dayyyy… I saw bright shiny lights coming out of Loehmann’s leading me downstairs to the coat selection. And, guess what! They had a coat I had previously liked at Century 21 in the size that I needed and it was $10 cheaper! Scoreeeee! 

So don’t worry about me turning into icicle Anna this winter, because I will be keeping cozy (hopefully) in my new Kenneth Cole puffy jacket that retails for $260 that I scored for $79! Oh yeah. Why pay retail?! Get your deal on!

Anna OsgoodbyComment