Who Likes Magazines?!

I got a letter in the mail from Little Duck this week about a cool fundraiser she is doing for her high school choir. The group will be doing some traveling performances this year and they are raising money by selling magazine subscriptions to help cover the costs. I thought it was a pretty neat idea since it’s a little different than the catalogs they used to send us home with. Who doesn’t love magazines right?!

Anyways, I’m super proud of my Little Duck so I wanted to share her fundraiser with you guys in case any of you are interested! They have some really great deals and it’s for a great cause. So, if you were thinking about subscribing to something new, need to renew, or need a good gift idea for the holidays… BOOM I have it for you!

Right here….


Code: 00524734571 2

Student: Little Duck aka Faith Hardersen

P.S. Check out the Combination deals! There are some great pairs :)

I really appreciate it everyone!