What a busy week it has been! Monday was a day and evening full of last minute event finishing touches, set-up and fun. A couple of our clients at work were including is SAS airline’s “Love is in the Air” event and as time came closer to the event somehow my boss and the MM staff ended up tying the loose ends together. Funny how that happens.. 

The event was centered around a wedding celebration for three gay couples from around the world that was chosen by SAS airlines and VisitSweden to participate in the world’s first gay themed wedding on board a flight. The first two couples were married on board a flight from Sweden to New York and the reception followed. The last couple (from the U.S.) were then married after the flight back to Sweden where their honeymoon would follow.

The reception took place at a beautiful venue in the west village called the Ramscale Penthouse. The views were absolutely to die for! To the east you could look out upon all of midtown and then to the west the outdoor patio looked over the Hudson River and at New Jersey. Absolutely stunning. I can’t even imagine living at a place with such a view! The reception was a sweet affair. Delicious catering, cocktails, and don’t let me forget the cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery. The candle-lit atmosphere made for an intimate aura of celebration.