West Village Strolling

After a wonderful and busy weekend and week with the girls last weekend this weekend has been all about relaxation to me!

One thing I feel like I haven’t done much in the city is brunch! Brunch is a pretty popular thing in the city and there are plenty of places I’ve added to my to-do list but haven’t made it to yet. Today marks a beginning of a change in that though! As we headed downtown to the West Village for a southern style brunch at Lowcountry. Chris had read about the restaurant in a recent blog and we decided it was worth a shot!

So we headed down to Union Square and walked over to the West Village which is also known as Greenwich Village. Whatever name you call it, it’s known for being a little “uppity” and the home of a lot of celebrities. On our way down Chris pointed out Ben Stiller’s apartment. I’ve never really lived anywhere that it was common knowledge where celebrities live so it feels a little strange knowing where Ben Stiller and Madonna live to name a few!

After a short little walk we had made it to Lowcountry and the menu looked promising. As soon as I saw Eggs Benedict my mind was made up! Chris ended up getting some sort of biscuit with fried chicken and gravy, which reminded me a little bit of Pine State. We also ordered a side order of cheesy grits. Besides the fried grits sampler at Pine State Biscuits in Portland I’ve never had grits before so we thought we should try them. They were great! Nothing like the fried grit cakes, but everything hit the spot for a really nice brunch with a southern twist. The atmosphere was casual and really did set you inside a cafe that could have been in Georgia or anywhere down south. 

After brunch we spent a nice day walking through the village and ran into one of the first street faires I’ve seen since the summer. Another thing I’m looking forward to! If I’ve learned anything about myself since moving here it is that I love trying new kinds of food! Oh yes! The street food at the faires look too good to say no to too so this summer it’s on! For today it was all window shopping though.. 

Tomorrow I’m off to venture outside of the city to Long Island with Chris so I will have another location to fill you all in about! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!