Weekend Wrap-Up: Was my attempt at a low-key weekend a success?? Yes! As low-key as I’m probably going to get living here.. It was a nice little break though! There was a lot of sleeping in involved, which doesn’t make much for a good blog post but let me tell you it was fantastic! 

Saturday I headed down to Columbus Circle which is about the closest to a mall that I know of so far in the city. There is a bus that goes almost right there from my apartment so it was a nice little (well kind of long) ride. One thing I like about riding the buses or in taxis is being able to see the city. You miss out on the views when you’re in the subway. On the flipside though you miss out on the traffic that the taxis and buses hit, minus the occasional “train traffic.” Once I made it close to Columbus I had a couple of blocks to walk where I passed a good ten people dressed up like zombies. There must have been some zombie walk or something going on downtown. 

Columbus Circle is a pretty cool place. It was even cooler because I met another duck fan walking around there! Most of the stores there are all pretty upscale though. J Crew, True Religion, and some other designerish names that I didn’t really recognize. I ended up spending most of my time there at Borders, does that surprise any of you? I found a sweet section of the bookstore on hauntings and ghosts in New York. There is some creepy stuff that has supposively happened around here. After running around the mall I decided to attempt to make it to Union Square. Instead I ended up somewhere down by the NYU campus and the meatpacking district. I really enjoy just walking around in places I haven’t been and seeing different places the city has to offer. There was something going on at NYU because there were a bunch of volunteers leading groups around.

After walking around for awhile though I headed back up to the UES and out to dinner with my roommate and her Mom and her friend that were in town for the weekend. We went out to a place called Arturo’s which is an Italian restaurant about a block and half away. The food was absolutely delicious! Great service and a cozy atmosphere. Authentic food is something I can totally get used to out here. No more going back to Olive Garden after having more authentic Italian (that is as authentic in the states as I’ll get). After dinner we stayed in and just had a girls night of talking and hanging out. 

Sunday was another morning of sleeping in and heading to the 1 o’clock church service on the Upper West Side. After church I did a little shopping on the way home and then took the little Scootie out to the park. It was absolutely beautiful out today! I’m trying my best to take full advantage of the nice days here before the winter turns on us. I’m getting more nervous about that each day. People who have lived here for awhile seem to get a kick out of hyping up how bad the winters are. I’m getting less and less excited for that season..

Wrapped up the evening by going to Shake Shack for dinner. Mmm mmm burgers! It’s not possible for me to get sick of burgers.. absolutely delicious! Now I’m onto trying to wrap up a long to do list, skype sessions, and cleaning before bed. All and all the low-key weekend was a success though!

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