Weekend Wrap-up: Another weekend, another weekend of adventures to share! The cool thing about New York is you could literally do something different every single day and I’m pretty sure you’d never run out of things to do. Our plans for the weekend- head to the Brooklyn Brewery after work on Friday and go to the “Gator bar” on Saturday for Florida vs. Tennessee and then head to Chelsea Saturday night. (See Google Map: A:Brooklyn Brewery B: Gin Mill “Gator Bar” C: The Park)

Our adventure on Friday started at the Union Square subway station. From my experience, if you can get to the Union Square subway station you can pretty much hop on every subway around the city. It ended up being a central location for all of us girls to meet at so it worked out well. It is also right by a huge Forever 21, which is dangerous knowledge for me to know! From Union Square we caught the L train that takes you to Brooklyn. Once we made it off the train we had a little bit of a walk to the Brooklyn Brewery through Williamsburg. The area reminded me a lot of Portland. The area was filled with people in their early twenties, bikes everywhere, and cute restaurants lining the streets. Street graffiti paints the street walls with every possible color imaginable. Some of it was absolutely remarkable! I’d love to just go back and walk along the streets to take a look.

After a little bit of a walk we were at the brewery. It was a really cool space with picnic tables and benches throughout the perimeter. There was also a cute little kitty friend walking around! They have a great deal where you can buy 6 tokens, which ends up being 6 beers for $20. There were three of us girls so it ended up working perfectly splitting one of those deals. Onto bigger questions, did the east coast beer stand up against Portland’s legacy for micro-brews? Eh, I’m not sure I can completely decide, but it was definitely different than anything I’ve tried. I don’t know enough beer terminology to point out exactly what was different though so you’ll just have to take my word for it! I did like their Pumpkin ale though because it had a little aftertaste like pumpkin pie. It was definitely a cool place though with a chill atmosphere.

The weekend was full of firsts for me! After the brewery we were onto some New York pizza. We headed a little further into Greenpoint (see picture with cute apartments!) and found a delicious place to get slices. New York pizza did not disappoint either! Plus, at only $2.25 for a slice it ended up being a sweet deal. After pizza we were headed back to Manhattan. Before heading to the subway though I caved to a bakery for the most scrumptious apple crumb donut EVER from the Peter Pan Bakery! Mmm, I wish I had a picture to show you the heavenly goodness. It was delic!!

Saturday was Gator day. My roommate graduated from U of Florida so I agreed to be an honorary gator fan for the day and tag along for the game. Side note, I got an email back from the duck watch party coordinator so I’ll be back to duck football next weekend :). We headed to the Upper West Side to the Gin Mill to watch the game. Gator fans are pretty intense! They have some songs they sing with gator hand motions my roommate was trying to teach me on our bus ride over. It was nice to be around that while I wait to be reunited with my ducks. Maybe the gators will have to be my east coast college football team to root for! We ended up talking to a couple guys there that were from California too so duck football was still in the air! Go Ducks! By the way, sorry for the beating Portland State! 69-0… Ouch.

After the game we were onto another delicious deli for burgers and a little down time at home before heading down tot Chelsea for the night. We decided we’ve pretty much mastered the transit system this weekend. To Brooklyn and back, to the westside on the bus, and then the subway and bus down to Chelsea. We headed downtown to The Park to meet up with a group of guys we’ve been hanging out with that my roommate met through some friends. Let me just tell you, I have never been somewhere as nice as this place. We definitely under-estimated how nice the place was and were a little under-dressed. The bar was pretty swanky and had multiple rooms and a penthouse on the top level. I’ve never been handed my paper towel to dry my hands in the bathroom before. Yes, that really happened. The penthouse level was pretty cool and had really good music. Apparently there is a hot tub on that level too, but we didn’t see it last night. I definitely wouldn’t mind going back there again sometime. That is if someone else wants to buy my drinks at $10 a pop for a mixed drink! That was the one and only drink we all bought there! Really cool atmosphere though!

That concludes the weekend adventures. Today is dedicated to cleaning up my room, finally hanging up my shelve and photos, and a couple skype sessions this afternoon!