Tuesday you were oh so good to me! This evening was particularly good because I got my recent order from Kohl’s delivered! The contents were oh so heavenly too let me tell you! I was missing my feather-bed topper this weekend and while I was still half asleep on Sunday morning I browsed Kohl’s website and found a great memory foam and plush topper half price! Plus, I’m becoming a pro at online shopping. If you buy anything online make sure to search promo codes for the store before checking out. Sometimes you have to do a little searching to find ones that work, but I scored an additional 20% off plus free shipping from my search! So this topper was a total steal and I have never been more excited to go to sleep! The second I finish this blog I am off to sleepy land. 

My excitement over this bed topper is kind of ridiculous.. I think my roommate can would vouch that I was thrilled! Even better, burgers were on the menu for dinner, and the November Glamour came in the mail with Taylor on the front! Perfect timing as I’ve had her new songs on repeat all day long! Speak Now, can’t come soon enough for me! 

Now I am off to bed! Night!

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