Today I learned that even the Empire State Building Observatory is on Facebook and Twitter (Thank you @webpronews for your Tweet)! It looks like this actually might not be total brand new news though as their Facebook page was actually created at the end of August and their first tweet came in March. The official word seemed to have broke today though so I think it is something worth mentioning. Plus, I am now the 19,924th person to “like” their Facebook and their 325th Twitter follower. Check it out, I’m there! 

Anyways, onto other things I learned today regarding the Empire State Building today. This might sound totally silly, but ESB is the abbreviation in New York lingo. I haven’t actually heard anyone use it yet, but if you’re in the area and happen to hear or read it on a sign I let you in on the secret. ESB= Empire State Building. 

My last ESB fact of the day is that the lights on the building change every night depending on different meanings around events or organizations. It seems like a pretty cool idea to me, and better yet you can check out the lighting schedule calendar for yourself online here. I think it’s such a fantastic way to raise awareness for cause and you can bet that they definitely caught my attention in the spectacle.

If you check out the site you’ll find that tonight all of the lights are Blue for The Doe Fund’s Annual Gala. Almost every morning I’ve passed men in blue outfits for The Doe Fund on my way around the city, but have yet to actually look up the organization and find out what they’re about until now. Their taglines on their shirts read “Ready, Willing, and Able” and that is exactly what they are! The organization is dedicated to help people who are dealing with homelessness, addiction, and criminal recidivism. Basically, the organization serves those mentioned above to help get them on their feet by working and cleaning up the city and other various jobs. The organization also helps with affordable housing, supportive housing, employment services, tutoring and mentoring to name a few to help gain self-sufficiency. If you have a chance read the history for more information. The story is pretty powerful and can be summed up with a message on their website that says “The Doe Fund believe that every human being has the potential to be a contributing member of society.. (my favorite line) What some lack is the opportunity.” I couldn’t agree more with their final statement, and applaud organizations like The Doe Fund that are not giving up on those that might have had their struggles and giving them a second chance at a better life.

Hopefully I taught you at least one thing about the Empire State Building tonight and make sure to check out their lighting schedule, you know I will be! Even if you aren’t in the area I challenge you to take a look and learn about some of the events and organizations that are being represented. Even if they aren’t located or taking place in your hometown I think it’s great to be aware of their existence, and maybe they might inspire you to get involved around where you live!