Thursdays have become one of my favorite days of the week over the last month of so. Something about the eve of weekend and it may have something to do with three of our favorite shows being on! Vampire Diaries, Greys, and Private Practice. Need I say more? I’ve now given up the secret on where my Thursday nights go. 

This Thursday was especially special though because it was my boss’ Birthday! So it was definitely a fun day in the office and our boss decided to treat us to lunch at Serendipity. Kind of backwards you might think since it was her Birthday. We did get her some pretty awesome gifts though and there are some weekend surprises in order too :)

We were all pretty excited to check out Serendipity because it was most our first times there. Since living in the city, I’ve attempted to go there on three different occasions with friends and the two hour wait was enough to challenge our decision. So it was pretty exciting to actually go there and stay! I would definitely say the restaurant is a must visit to the city. It’s been around forever and the decor can be described as very fairytale. They’re famous for their frozen hot chocolate dessert (which we did get!) and rightfully so. It was absolutely delicious. The perfect combination of sweet and refreshing. For lunch, I got an open Chicken BLT sandwich that also hit the spot. The photos are just a little view from our table upstairs.

Now one more day and onto a busy and what should be a fun weekend! Details to follow.