This weekend the girls and I decided to try something a little different and spice up our nightlife scene with a little music. A couple of people that one of my friends knows was playing a show at a place called Crash Mansion down is Soho. One thing that I really enjoyed in Portland was the availability of live music in the city. This is an asset of the city I haven’t spent exploring too much yet and this weekend was the perfect time to start! 

The $10 cover at the door was well worth it for a fun filled night lined with great bands. The venue is pretty cool because it’s down a set of stairs and has a low-ceiling “underground” kind of feel. The dim lights with a red under-glow and rounded deep-set booths paired with tea-light candles was the perfect combination of rock and class. Crash Mansion held a familiar Portland sort of vibe and it definitely made for a memorable night. We met some really great and interesting people over the course of the night that made everything a bit more colorful. The bands were absolutely fabulous too! 

One of my favorite bands of the night was one called MUN. They were unlike anything I’ve ever seen because although a band, they don’t necessarily have any songs per say and instead improv all of their performances. At first glance it sounds like a chance at disaster, but in fact it was quite the opposite. I’m not entirely sure how they have figured everything out, but over the flow of notes you would never guess it wasn’t planned. It was a remarkable performance and sparked my inner-muscian. I also met a couple of guys that played in other bands that I got into conversation about music theory over the course of the night, which also excited me!

It was the perfect balance of entertainment, good company, and relaxation and I would definitely check out what other bands Crash Mansion will host in the future!