The Seattle girlies have officially come and gone and now I have a lot of new details for you all to read about! So let’s start back to the beginning, St. Patrick’s Day. 

St. Patrick’s Day has never really been a huge holiday to me, but in New York it is a whole other animal. There’s a parade (of course!) and I found out it is the one day where it is completely normal to see people walking into bars at 10 in the morning. I suppose this shouldn’t entirely surprise me after experiencing Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s celebration though. I worked during the day so I missed the parade, but the route goes up 5th avenue through the Upper East Side.

I happened to be more excited for the girls’ arrival into the city than the actual holiday itself though. They made it into the airport after 7, and headed into the city after. Boy, is it nice to see a familiar face here! I couldn’t have been more excited for them to come! Once they made it to my apartment we headed out for a bite to eat in the Neighborhood at Italian Village. There’s nothing like a welcome to the city than a nice couple slices of New York pizza! After pizza we headed out to the local Irish pub, Ryan’s Daughter, for an attempt at finding green beer since none of us had had it before. The pub was definitely not the normal low-key crowd. They even had the upstairs bar, which I was unaware existed, open to compensate for the extra people out celebrating the Irish. Bad news bears though, no green beer! It looks like we will have to wait until next year for that experience.

After visiting with a couple of friends we headed back to my apartment to get some rest! The girls well deserved it after a longggg day of travel across the country.