The Numbers are Aligned.. 12.12.12

Happy 12-12-12! I stayed up last night to watch the clock hit 12:12:12 to witness… 12-12-12 12:12:12 That’s a lot of 12’s! It is also the last time the days will align like this until January 1, 2101.. which hate to be a downer but if you are reading this today, then you’re probably not going to be around for the next one.

Another thing going on today on this memorable day is the 12 12 12 concert here in NYC for Sandy relief. It has also been deemed a “once in a lifetime” event too because of the line up. All of the proceeds from the concert will be going to much need Sandy relief funds.

The cool thing too is even if you aren’t in the city, you can stream the show live! Check out where you can watch the show in your area here.