NYC Freedom B.A.S.E Jump

The Freedom Tower has been in the news quite a lot lately and not for what you might think.

While all of us on the ground continue to watch the building rise, it seems that some people decided that just wasn’t enough and that they wanted to see the building up close and personal. Last week a 16 year old New Jersey kid snuck through a hole in a fence, and somehow made it up to the top of the building. This, followed by a resurface of an incident that happened in September of 4 men who did a BASE jump off the same building. Luckily both incidents don’t seem to have had any malicious intent, but it is definitely a little troubling that it appears to be so easy to bypass security on such a high profile building.

In the meantime, the BASE jumpers posted a video of their jump and I have to say it’s pretty insane. Watch at your own risk ;-)