The 4th Year

Guys, as of last week I have officially lived in NYC for 4 years. This last year seriously flew by! When I first hopped on a plane headed east, I swore I was only going to live here for 1 year, maybe 2. Somehow I’m still here though!

There’s been a lot of ups and downs along the way, but I can say the last year has been my favorite. Between moving into my first solo apartment, and then the second, adding some great new friends to the mix, and exploring the city some more, this year has really been one of feeling more grounded. I’ve definitely had my home-sick and some of those fork at a road moments, but in the end I’m pretty content with where I’m at right now.

So, in true anniversary fashion I want to dedicate this post to a few sets of 4 to celebrate the occasion!

4 of the Biggest Changes in my Life Over the Last 4 Years:

  1. Getting my own apartment. This is something that I’d been wanting for a long time so I’m very proud to have been able to make it a reality!
  2. I’ve really taken an interest in real estate and interior decorating. Nothing professionally… but these are two things, 4 years ago that I wasn’t all that concerned with. I’ve always enjoyed making my room cute, but I definitely think I’ve stepped up my game a little now that I have my own place. My 2 new loves are pretty evident by the amount of time HGTV is on my TV too… Like, it may have been one of the big reasons I actually caved and finally ordered cable. {confession moment!}
  3. Embracing just who I am! This might totally sound silly, but I think living in the city along with growing up a little has really allowed me to feel more comfortable with just who I am. I’ve really embraced my quirks, my approach to life and prioritized the things that are most important to me.
  4. I’ve become a pro-budgeter. It’s no secret that NYC is an expensive city to live in but I’ve certainly managed to make it work! I was never a huge budgeter before moving here, and even though I don’t have to be as strict as I did when I first moved, I work really hard to get the best deals on groceries and other household essentials.

4 of my Biggest Tips for Making it in NYC:

  1. Be realistic! I hate to be a bubble burster but if you want to make it here, take your head out of the clouds for a moment and try and take in the city for all it is. You probably aren’t going to live in that fancy apartment on Central Park West when you first move (if so, I’m seriously jealous) and things aren’t always going to be easy. Accept that fact first and you’ll make it far.
  2. Set your goals high. I may have just said take your {living} standards down a notch, but don’t lower your goals! What do you want to accomplish while you’re here? Start out your career and work your way up? Start a business? Whatever your goals may be, NYC is the place to make it happen. There are so many career opportunities, industry events to attend, and helloooo people to network with. That phrase, “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere”? Absolutely true, again, things won’t be handed to you on a platter probably but the potential is here.
  3. Make the most of the city! Whether you plan on being here for a short time or you’re thinking more long term, get out there and enjoy it! Try everything once. Just get out there! We have museums, music, parks galore, food, parades.. you name it, we have it! Make the most of your time!
  4. Don’t be afraid to connect with others. NYC may have a bad rep for not being friendly, but I 100% disagree. So many people come here from all over and are mostly receptive to a friendly conversation. Whether that’s someone on the bus, reaching out to someone at a charity you want to volunteer at or emailing one of your favorite bloggers. Don’t be afraid to say hi! You never know where you’ll meet your next mentor, best friend, or even significant other.

4 of my All-Time Favorite Memories While Living Here:

  1. My 25th Birthday weekend — Super Bowl Boulevard, DirecTV’s Beach Bowl and Great Saturday Night, my Birthday Super Bowl party! The whole shabang, it was AWESOME!
  2. Apple picking! I absolutely loved going to pick apples on Long Island. Everything about apple picking just screams fall, and I love fall.
  3. Exploring the city during one of my friend’s visits to the city. We started the day at the Holiday Market in Union Square, went to the Duck bar to watch the football game and then explored the Holiday Market in Bryant Park where it started snowing. It was a fun out-of-the-movies moment when the snow started to come down and the perfect way to wind down the evening.
  4. Every 9th Avenue Food Festival. I look forward to it every year and always have a great time no matter who I end up going with!

4 Things I Look Forward to in the Next Year:

  1. One of my besties is moving here this fall and I absolutely cannot wait. It will be so fun to have another person to enjoy the city with and a little piece of the west coast!
  2. Working on an ebook about moving to the city! I’ve connected with so many people from my blog who want to move to the city from around the country but don’t know where to start. You think there’d be an abundant of resources for moving to NYC, and there’s certainly travel books and whatnot but there surprisingly aren’t a lot of resources that are current. That’s where I come in.. Something a little more in-depth than my blog, but written in the same real-world, and fun way (or so I hope!)
  3. Launching my print shop! Something that I really enjoy doing is working on typography graphics. I’ve been working on some prints over the last year and am excited to unleash them for the world! Stay tuned for more details on that in the future!
  4. Further immersing myself in the NYC blogger community! When I first started this blog I really just wrote to share some of my adventures with friends and family from home with no real further thought beyond that. As time has gone by though I’ve really discovered my passion for sharing the city and connecting with others who have the same spirit.

So there you have it. 4 years down! Excited to see what the next year will bring!