Surprise Party success! My boss’ husband wanted to throw a surprise Birthday party for my boss so it was the week of trying to keep secrets. Everything came together though and we conned her into thinking she was going to a play when really we were all waiting for her at John’s of 12th Street restaurant. Pulling off a surprise party can be tricky in general, but let me tell you it is ten times harder with my boss so it was quite the accomplishment (props to Andre!). 

The restaurant was on the lower east side a couple of blocks from Union Square and I highly recommend it! It is an old Italian restaurant with a home and family kind of vibe. For my west coast friends I want to say the atmosphere was kind of similar to Buca di Bepos in Seattle minus the family style. The waiters were on their toes, knowledgeable and made wonderful recommendations. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you the name of what I ordered.. it was the first entree special of the night though and was delicious. I want to say it had wide noodles with pulled pork or sausage? I’m not positive, but it was mouth-watering. One of the cool things about the restaurant is that they have these candles in the back by the kitchen that have been burning since the 1940’s, which has created an an incredible layering of wax.

It was such a wonderful night. The food, restaurant, and company were truly a delight. We finished off the night with the most beautiful Birthday cake that Andre ordered from the Two Little Red Hens Bakery. I’ve never seen a cake with more realistic flowers and better tasting frosting! Their red velvet (her favorite) was absolutely to die for. Better yet, the bakery is a couple blocks from my apartment so visits for cupcakes on the way home from work will definitely be in my future.

 It was really a wonderful night that my boss really deserved!