Sunday was another beautiful day! Not as warm as Friday, but I can never complain about all of the sunshine this city has! The boys were heading to Central Park to throw around a football so we decided to tag along with some magazines and sunglasses! After a quick stop at 7 eleven for a slurpee for me and Starbucks for a coffee for Lindsey we were on our way! I am counting down the days until it is warm every day and walking through the park becomes a regular on my weekly schedule! 

It was a nice and relaxing start to the day after running around the day before. A couple of my girl friends met us inside the park too so it was fun to just sit around and chat. After the park we headed down to Soho for some window shopping and then in search for dinner. Donna is the expert on Soho because she works down there so when she suggested Cafe Habana we headed right there. At first glance it doesn’t look like anything too special, but from the line of people waiting in and outside you know that it is worth the wait. The cafe is pretty small and they cram about as many people in there as possible, but now that I’ve been there I understand why. Mmm, mmm delicious! I’m not a huge Mexican fan, but their menu offers enough variety to suit anyone’s taste. Almost everyone sitting down had ordered their corn on the cob so we decided we would join the crowd and see what the fuss was about! The corn was grilled with sauce, cheese, and chili powder. At $4 for two ears of this corn I’d definitely go back just for the corn alone! I ended up ordering their Cuban Sandwich and Lindsey got Enchiladas. All of which was great, so if Mexican is your style remind me if you visit and hit this place up!