Sunday, fun day! After a little adventuring on Saturday there was some more adventuring to be done on Sunday. We decided to head to the Natural History Museum for what would be my second visit and Chris’ first, which is kind of crazy since he’s lived here since college!

First things, first though. A trip to the Sigmund Pretzelshop cart by the MET. Chris has literally been talking about this cart since.. hmm before he ran the marathon. Every time he goes running in Central Park he tells me about this cart that is supposed to be so good and he wants to go there, but hasn’t yet. It’s literally been months. Today was the day though. Before we hopped on a west bound bus we stopped by and he picked up one of the Jalapeno-cheese pretzels. I had eaten before I left so I didn’t try one, but I will admit they looked pretty tasty so I might have to swing back by there one day and grab one. 

After mission pretzel was complete is was onto the museum! I took my Mom to the museum while she was in New York and absolutely loved it. It’s a great fit for people who aren’t super artsy, but still enjoy the museum experience. Plus, there is so much valuable information to learn there it’s incredible. We weaved our way throughout the four floors and for once I got to kind of play tour guide while hanging out with Chris. Kind of exciting since this NEVER happens! That’s what happens when you’ve lived somewhere ten more years than the other.. It was fun though. Learned some interesting things, looked at a lot of artifacts, and hung out with some fellow duck friends (ignore the fact that they were stuffed). Once we made our rounds we were back to the east side to order some pad thai in and watch the Grammys. Now that is what I call a nice wrap-up to the weekend! 

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