Summer Travel

The month countdown has begun until I am back in the northwest! While I’m counting down until vacation (I need one!) I also just planned a couple of other trips to look forward to. 

Washington DC: I will be headed south the the home of the president, and the east-coast Washington, the weekend before I head home! I’ve been wanted to go check out the city for awhile so I am really looking forward to it. It’s only a 4 and half hour bus ride so I am really looking forward to it!

Philadelphia: I will be heading west to Pennsylvania at the end of September for another weekend of exploring on uncharted territory! Even better? Some bus companies offer $1 fares to cities close to NYC if you book far enough in advance, and SCORE I got a roundtrip ticket to Philly for $2.50 (there’s a 50 cent processing fee). Can’t beat that right? 

So I will have lots of new and fun adventures to keep you all updated of in the upcoming month or two. Can’t wait!