Normally I’m not a huge activist on pieces of political legislation, but that is not the case with SOPA and PIPA. 

Today, the online world in under protest against both of these measures that are being voted on by congress and could compromise internet censorship as we know it. You may notice some of your favorite websites are not available today. Wikipedia, Google, Gizmodo, Craigslist, and Reddit are just a few of the thousands that have gone “black” today to show their support. You can get a glimpse of the black-out here.

I wrote my “Info Hell” paper in college on Net Neutrality, which is something that goes hand-in-hand with keeping the Internet free and uncensored, which is what SOPA and PIPA could change. If you value freedom of speech and being able to read blogs, like mine, please take a minute to take a look at this legislation and show your support by spreading the word or taking action.