iPhone Problems

We’re a little in over the month mark that my little iPhone came into my life, and I must say I am still loving it as much as day 1. There is one little problem though… I’m turning into quite the gamer. With so many awesome and free apps, it was inevitable. Now the bigger problem, not only have I become hooked on the game Scramble with Friends, but Chris has as well. For the first 3 weeks I had my phone I would find him sneaking onto my phone just to play the game. I realized we had a problem when I woke up to 28 game notifications. 28 games Chris, really?! 

It gets worse though… Chris was up for an upgrade on his phone and his work asked him if he wanted an iPhone. Lucky for him, his phone is covered by work so he didn’t have to pay anything. The problem is that before a month ago Chris never wanted an iPhone, but this game heavily changed his mind and since it was free, he decided why not.

So now, on a Saturday night when we should be hitting the town, Chris and I are sitting on either ends of the couch playing each other on Words with Friends. True story.