Scooters, Scooters Everywhere

Something I find amusing each day I walk along the streets in the amounts of scooters I see people with! I swear it’s a blast from the past every time I see a kid speed by on a Razor scooter. It’s like 1999 all over again, let me tell you!

I see people on bikes, but I’d definitely say I see more scooters on a daily basis than bikes (not-counting the food deliverers). When you think about it though it makes sense. Space is a luxury in the city and a scooter can be folded up a lot easier than a bike! Although I have seen a lot of the foldable bikes in the city as well. It’s just an interesting experience being in a city like this that is so different than everything I’ve grown up with. 

I’ve even seen some parents on scooters around here. I’m telling you scooters are still all of the rave here even ten years after their initial launch.