Roommate Adventures

Both of our boys were busy last weekend. Darcy’s playing tour guide for his friend in town from Georgia, and mine in Brazil for his friend’s wedding! So that left us with some extra roommate adventure time for a beautiful, and pretty humid Saturday. 

Where did our adventures take us? First we fueled up on scones at where else, Alice’s Tea Cup, then we headed downtown to the International Center of Photography Museum. Darcy gets into a lot of museums in the city for free now because of her new job so we decided to try and put it to use. Once we made it down to the ICP we were disappointed to find out that museum no longer honored that agreement, but no worries! We were right around the corner from Bryant Park, and on a beautiful day it seemed like a good place to visit. 

Besides walking by the park briefly I haven’t really been there since the ice skating rink was there in the winter so it was quite different seeing the fountain running and grass replaced where the skating rink previously stood. It was pretty cool too because the New York Public Library was hosting a free reading area at the outdoor tables with books and magazines!    

After hanging out in the park and catching up on the latest Elle Decor, and celebrity gossip magazines I remembered that I had read the library was celebrating their 100th Birthday, so we decided we should take a peak in there, especially because I had never been. The inside of the library was pretty remarkable and much more than the average library. It’s definitely worth a visit if you have a chance. 

Our next destination was back uptown at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Lucky for us, they honored Darcy’s free admission for her and a guest and we were on our way. The Whitney showcases art that is a lot more modern and some pieces that I’ve heard are similar to the MoMA, but a lot less crowded. I’m not much of an art junky and after visiting the Whitney, not much of a modern art junky for that matter either. It was an interesting experience indeed, but I think I can wait awhile before I return. I mostly say this because the museum is over-staffed with very uptight security guards that made the experience uncomfortable. It is so quiet in the museum with the guards watching every time that you blink that it’s hard to just relax and try and enjoy the visuals. I understand the reasoning for their presence, but don’t think it was necessary for them to follow me from each exhibit literally being within a couple of feet of me each time. I can’t complain too much though because we got in for free! The Natural History Museum and the MET would definitely rule out a future trip to the Whitney any day though for me!