Prepping for the Hop, Hop

This weekend got off to a great start on Saturday with a trip down to Chinatown with some great company of the Media Maison staff and guests for Dim Sum! My first experience with Dim Sum happened this summer during my visit with my boss and since then I’ve been looking forward to my next trip. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a little spoiled with my Dim Sum experiences because who else can you go with that you get to skip the wait, get VIP seating and treatment, and have all of the best foods picked out for you? Well, you do if you have a boss like mine! My boss is originally from Hong Kong and speaks fluent Catonese making the Dim Sum experience a lot more authentic than I would probably have on my own if I went with some friends. We went to the Golden Unicorn, where I would highly recommend. If is Sam’s favorite, who was raised in Hong Kong, then I think it is about as close to real Chinese food as you’re going to get! It’s such a different experience from the normal Chinese-American restaurants we are used to!

After brunch we headed out for a bit of dessert before heading uptown at Baked by Melissa. Baked by Melissa is famous for their bite-sized cupcakes that equate to that perfect last bite! They had a couple of special Easter flavors too so it was fun to try some new flavors. After cupcakes we were onto our next mission of finding all the ingredients for these things called Cake Pops that I have been talking about making for weeks. That ended up taking a little bit more time than expected. Because New York grocery stores are so small there are a lot less options in variety. After visiting 5 stores though we settled on the variety and prices and just finished off our list. After that we decided to go to Chris’ apartment to attempt the cake pops because the Yankees game was going to be on, and you know how boys are with their sports. That would have been all fine and dandy except for the fact the boys haven’t turned on their oven once since living in their apartment for the last 7 years! I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I mean an oven is an oven right? Wrong, once I opened the oven to see if it was pre-heated the apartment filled with smoke from the oven. We later found out it was probably burning off dust inside (gross!). So, we had to pack everything back up and trek back to my apartment, no Yankees game included. 

Once at my apartment where the oven works perfectly fine we were back on the road for success, or so I thought. It turns out that making cake pops were not the easiest thing for us. Certainly not as easy as the Youtube videos make them look! I dyed some Easter eggs in between to try and calm my frustrations, but it was a mere distraction. Even Scootie got into the action of dying eggs and also knocked over one of the dye cups.. Oh Scootie. Once the eggs were dyed it was back to the cake pops.. dun, dun, dun.

By this time it was 1 o’clock the batch of melted chocolate I used food coloring to dye purple didn’t turn out and I was ready to call it a night with 12 done and about 20 to do. We finished as many as we could before wanting to pull our hair out, but that moment came a little too soon. I just wanted them to be perfect so I could take them to Long Island for Easter! Perfect was not on my side though and I ended up going to bed exhausted and frustrated.