*Pics are a little blurry since they’re from my phone, but wanted to give you a little something to look at!

Last night was Fashion’s Night Out here in New York City and time for an adventure!

I finished up with work around 6 and was set out to meet Darcy at Anthropologie down on 16th and 9th. I typed the directions into HopStop.com (my new bff) for directions on how to get down there. So I hopped on the R train, feeling pretty good that I appeared to be doing pretty well figuring out the subway after only being here for a week. So I got off at Prince St and walked into the craziness! Fashionistas everywhere, lights, cameras, and parties everywhereeee. So I continued to walk down the streets figuring Anthropologie must be somewhere near. After about ten minutes of walking though I still hadn’t found it. I found a trailer in the street with “Live Ken Dolls, catch them if you can” (Oh yes, this really happened) but no Anthropologie or Darcy. So I called her up, “Darcy I’m lost!” somewhat of a reoccurring phrase from me the last week. So I continue walking around trying to follow the directions she gave me, but as it turned out I was in SoHo when I was trying to get to Chelsea. When I typed in the directions on HopStop I must have entered the wrong location. 

No worries though, I’m notoriously bad with directions. I always have been. I usually give myself extra time everywhere I try going with anticipation I will probably get lost on the way there, especially if I’ve never been there before. So back to the subway it was! The closest stop I could find was at Union Square, which is still a ways away as I know now. Tried catching a cab, but *note to self that turned out to be impossible. Every single cab that passed me was full. No joke. 

Moral of the story, I just kept walking around until I finally made it there around 7:30 after hiking at least 3 miles or so around Manhattan. 

It was really fun though! Almost all of the retail stores around the area were basically
turned into big parties. Music, dancing, and free drinks. Yes, free drinks! I haven’t gone out in New York yet, but I can’t imagine drinks being very inexpensive so we savored having free ones. After we were there for awhile I got a tap on the shoulder and Bryson and his friends had made it down! Bryson, Ryan, Phillip and Sam are all going on a trip to Italy and decided to make a couple day layover in New York to check it out before leaving the country! So REALLY excited to see them!

From Anthropolgie, we continued on through Chelsea. First celeb sightings too! We saw Joan Rivers and Neil Patrick Harris, which was kind of exciting. Then we ended at Tory Burch before deciding to head downtown to a party at Paper Magazine. 

The night involved a lot of walking let me tell you. I though I walked a lot in Eugene in one night of going out, but I am pretty convinced we walked more last night than my whole academic career at UO. After a lot of walking and a pitstop at a McDonalds and $1 pizza place in the East Village we decided to call it a night.

After trekking back uptown on the subway we still had a little walk back to our apartment. It was garbage night and everyone’s garbage lined the streets (kind of gross.. and make me wonder where they take it). Anyways, people just throw out everything. We probably passed 3 beds, a couple dressers, multiple coffee tables, refrigerators, and tvs. I seriously considered hauling multiple items back to the apt. “Hey Darcy, we need a tv!” “Hey Darcy we need a coffee table!” we decided it probably wasn’t the best idea to try carrying people’s garbage 4 blocks to our apartment though.. If I was alone though I probably would have! Haha.

Well, that is all for last night’s adventure. Now, I’m onto trying to put that dresser back together before meeting up with the boys later!  

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