It was definitely a day of U.S. history in the making across the nation with New York being no exception. As soon as word that Osama Bin Laden had been killed the city rejoiced and rushed to the streets of Times Square and the World Trade Center. The next morning was filled with people with smirks on their face as they picked up their daily papers along with a couple of chants here and there. I think it was an emotional day for all Americans and a sense of closure. It was an especially emotional day in the city where the initial attacks took place 10 years ago. While I was fortunate to not suffer the personal struggle of knowing someone that was taken down on that day many of my friends in the city did. While no time or passing will bring complete peace to those that lost someone on that horrible day there was definitely a sense of justice in the air. Here is a clip from some of the celebrations at the World Trade Center grounds.