Organization fever!! Spring cleaning came a little early in my apartment this year. We all know that space is limited in this city, and for everyone that knows me you also understand the amount of things I own, well, isn’t so limiting. Granted, my Dad’s garage is full 3/4 of the things that didn’t make the initial move, but somehow I have still managed to multiply my belongings in the short 6 months I have been here. 

Lucky for me, there are organizational professionals that have invented all of the tools to help maximize your space. My task started with a couple of trips. The first to Target, and the second to Bed Bath and Beyond. By the end of the weekend I put together a bookshelf for the family room, put up a shelving unit in the bathroom, added an extra clothes bar in my closet, put up a shoe unit on my door, and added a hamper to my bedroom. I’m quite happy with the results too! I’m proud too because I put everything together with my little hands and a screwdriver. I left my drill at Chris’ a couple of weeks ago when we put up curtains for him, and since he was in Vegas and Miami all week I had to just put some of my muscles into the jobs! 

I topped the weekend off with fresh laundry and a deep cleaning of my room. I must say, my room has never looked better and I’m feeling quite organized! Yes!