One thing I am learning about New York is that when people have events they want people to come to free alcohol is key. 

The office building that we have shared office space in was opening new offices a couple of blocks down the street and to kick off the opening what did they have? An open house with art and complimentary champagne! I’m all about free things, and living here has only made me appreciate free things tensfold. So of course I went. It was a really great space, with beautiful artwork, and we met a lot of really nice people. 

We met a couple of really great people to network and who also had some really great stories about their success and love in this city.

After the open-house we decided to check out an AWESOME rooftop bar called 230 Fifth. I really didn’t realize until tonight how close our office is to the Empire State Building. This kind of surprises me too because I’m totally still in the tourist mindset of looking up at the buildings (people totally make fun of you for doing this). Anyways, the view was incredible and the whole rooftop was heated. Perfect place even for a cold night! We met a couple CEO’s of companies and some of their employees which was pretty cool. I was surprised how easy it was to meet other business people and network in a casual atmosphere. I’ve always heard networking is key in business opportunities, but living here has increased the pressure of the importance of networking. 

It was a great night and I’m ready for a little sleep before hitting the weekend again! Check out the link for the bar and check out the view. Absolutely beautiful!!