One More Week!

Wohhhh we are down to the single digits until my trip back home! Which is exactly what I need in my life after a day like today.

After waiting 3 weeks for our lease renewal from our management company after they said it “went out” 3 different times we were finally emailed the dreaded document. We understand the NYC apartment market is very competitive and predicted to hit record highs this summer, but we were definitely NOT expecting a slap of an 8.85% in our rent.. We were definitely expecting it to go up a little, but last year our rent only increased 2% so where did the 8.85% come from?! Plus, an increase in our security deposit. Let’s remember they already have 2 months rent + 2 guarantors on our apartment.

Come on people.. catch us a little break. We’re easy tenants. We always pay rent on time, cause no problem, and only ask for minimal repairs. If we’re being really honest here, even getting those minimal repairs taken care of like a clogged or leaky sink or having our apartment sprayed for roaches is a nightmare. If we want to be even more honest, our apartment really isn’t worth what we’re paying now either, but apartment hunting in the city is such a nightmare people will put up with more than they should just so they don’t have to move. 

So the battle with our management company has begun.

Moral of the story… I NEED this vacation home!!!!

P.S. Rumor has it, we’re having a family BBQ on Sunday at my mom’s house :) Call her for details!