On Saturday we were headed down to the other end of the island! First we started the day with a visit to Alice’s Tea Cup for scones and then we were headed down towards City Hall and walked down by Ground Zero. It’s an eerie experience even though there isn’t too much to be seen down there right now because it is under construction. From there we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve written a couple of blog posts that included going there, but it is something I could do 100 times and still appreciate. The views are so pretty and it’s a nice walk on a sunny day. 

Once in Brooklyn we headed down to the waterfront and relaxed a little bit and decided on our plans for the evening. The “Super Moon” was set to rise around 7:30 and we decided the view from the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center might be a cool experience. After spending a little time in Brooklyn we headed back across the river and up to Union Square where we were in search of food! Chris suggested we try a little restaurant on St. Marks in the East Village called Mamouns. We ended up heading there to this little tiny restaurant that had falafel, something I’ve never tried before. I’m always up to try new food though and it ended up being really good! Best part too? The sandwiches were $2.50! Score!

We did a little bit more walking around in the East Village before we headed uptown to Rockefeller. Our timing ended up being perfect and we made it to the Top of the Rock right before sunset. People swear by the Top of the Rock over the Empire State Building all the time, but I’m not sure if I’ve made my mind up yet. The Top of the Rock is great because it has three levels and is surrounded by glass instead of the fence on the Empire State Building. The allure of the classic Empire State Building still draws me though too and it is another 16 floors up higher. Regardless, both have beautiful views that really puts the city into perspective.

As the sun set we were facing south waiting for the moon to rise. After waiting without seeing any moon we decided we should check out the other side and to our dismay the moon had already rose! We had been on the wrong side the whole time! I’m not sure if any of you saw the Super Moon, but I heard the rise is the actual part you needed to watch and by the time we saw it, it didn’t look so “super” anymore. It was still fun though!

After the Top of the Rock we headed back uptown with a detour to 16 Handles, mmm my favorite! Then we got ready for the second half of our night! Lindsey had met a guy at the Crumpet shop she works at in Seattle a couple of months ago who told her he was moving back to New York. When she told him she’d be visiting in a couple of months he told her to get in touch with him when he came because he had friends who threw parties at a lot of clubs in the city. So, when she got here she got in touch with him and we were set to go to a place called Griffen in the Meatpacking District. We got dolled up, and hailed a cab downtown for what would be quite the experience! I’m not entirely even sure how to describe the night other than it was like a scene out of a movie! I’m actually not even sure you can actually just go there without being invited to someone’s party. 

We walked in and the whole lounge is very dark with chandeliers and velvet vintage style couches and booths. Take a peak at their website if you’d like better imagery. Everything was all table service. I’m not much of a club kind of person, but table service is pretty big in New York. It’s nothing I’ve ever done because it can cost thousands of dollars to do it, but that night it had become a part of our lives! Lindsey and I were probably the most conservatively dressed girls at the club and there was about a 15 to 1 ratio of girls to guys. Like I said though, I’m not sure you could just go to this place so everyone there was mostly friends with the guys who had table service. Although it’s definitely not something I could do every weekend it was a fun night living like rockstars and dancing the night away!