NYC-->Long Island


This last weekend we went for a trip outside the city and out onto Long Island! It ended up being a really nice trip. The train ride out to where Chris’ parents live was about an hour trip. It was a nice transition to watch the skyscrapers of the city turn to trees outside the window. 

Chris’ parents were there to greet us when we got off the train and from there we headed to the Tanger Outlet Mall. Going to the outlets is something Chris usually does when he visits his parents back home so it was nice to be along for the ride, plus I’m all for a great deal! Let me tell you the deals were great too! I had one mission and one mission only at theoutlets and that was to get a pair of boots. Mission complete with my sweet pair of Kenneth Cole boots for $29! I’ve never bought anything at Kenneth Cole, but I think it’s safe to say that was a pretty nice deal. 

Since moving to New York my usual shoe purchases from Target and Payless have had a hard beating. if there is one thing that proves the amount of walking you do here take a peak at my boots. I’ve gone through three pairs since moving here, all which have ended with the holes in the heels and my soles hanging on by a thread. I’m a thrifty girl, but the 15 layers of superglue can only hold out for so long let’s be honest here. I’ve been holding out on buying a new pair in hopes that the weather would turn and I would be trading in my boots for sandals, but the weather is still a little iffy and my feet were getting a little mad at me for keeping them cold and wet.. With a deal from the outlets all is well now though! Better yet, I have a nice pair of leather boots now, which arebound to outlast my sad other ones.

Chris and his family scored some sweet deals on shirts and Nike gear as well. So we all ended up leaving the outlets happy campers. After shopping we headed back to Chris’ parents house in Bellport. Chris would never admit it, but Bellport was actually a lot more country than he makes it out to sound. It actually reminded me a lot of Enumclaw, which ended up being really nice. He probably leaves the country part out of the town though because it’s also right by all of the beaches. I didn’t see them this trip, but by the sounds of it and looking at the map they aren’t too far. Chris’ mom made us a nice home-cooked meal and we spent the evening exchanging stories before heading back on the train and back into the city. 

The already great trip already gets even better with this last detail though! On the ride back to train station. Chris’ brother had the radio on to a country station, YES a country station! Unfortunately the station doesn’t reach the city, but I now have a station I can stream online! A great discovery to wrap up a great trip and nice weekend.