NYC a.k.a Antarctica

We’ve been decently lucky with winter this year.. up until this point. The arctic blast decided to roll right in! On the bright side, NYC has fared pretty well compared to some states like Minnesota, North Dakota and Illinois. With a high of 19 today though you can bet I was turning my head looking for a pack of penguins to cross the street!

So what’s the key to dressing for the weather when you have to go outside in it?

  1. Layers, layers, and more layers: When it feels like -2 outside, any form of style goes out the window. The more layers the better. You might have to suffer on the buses and trains for half an hour or so, but it’s always better to have extra layers than being cold. 
  2. Down puffy coat: My first winter here, I didn’t have a puffy coat and just rolled out the winter with a wool coat that I thought was warm. Truth be told, when you are out in the elements throughout the whole winter you need that down puffy coat. Nothing compares! Say bye bye to style for a few months and yesss to your new personal sleeping bag. You won’t regret it.
  3. Earmuffs, ear warmers and hats: The worst part about the cold here is the wind. The buildings create wind tunnels and being hit with wind when it’s 10 degrees out feels like being hit with small shards of glass and your extremities are at high risk. Keep them covered up and warm!
  4. Gloves: This goes along with the above suggestion. Don’t forget your gloves! I don’t have the iphone friendly gloves so I had to take mine off for a little time to check my phone and couldn’t believe how cold my hands got almost instantly! 
  5. Chapstick/hand lotion: Along with the extreme weather comes dry skin. The bitter cold just sucks the moisture right out of your skin so make sure you have chapstick and hand lotion on hand. The last thing you need is cracking skin on top of these conditions. 

Luckily, we’re moving into warmer conditions later this week. A high of 25 tomorrow! Followed by moving into the mid 30’s by early next week. Woh hoh! Above you’ll see my transformation for inside Anna to prepping for the North Pole Anna! Stay warm out there everyone :)