Nemo Hit Us with Your Best Shot

What do you do when there is an impending blizzard on the city? Head down to Madison Square Garden for a concert of course!

Nemo might have been hitting the city, but we had a concert to go to! Probably the only concert in the city that wasn’t cancelled too!

This time around we headed to go see Passion Pit! I’m pretty familiar with the band because one of my old roommates loved them as well as a lot of my friends. I’m not totally huge on them, but they have a couple of new songs that you might have heard on commercials that I like. Even my mom knew who they were so they can’t be doing too bad! It was a pretty neat concert to go to too because they’re a smaller band, so you wouldn’t expect them to be playing at The Garden.

After the concert we were back into the blizzard, which was kind of fun.I enjoy Herald Square a lot more when it’s empty!

I also felt it was necessary to celebrate Herald Square’s emptiness with a bunch of snow angels along our path.

We ended getting a decent amount of snow throughout the night, but unfortunately it wasn’t igloo worthy. Too powdery to compact, but it made our concert adventure a little more interesting!